Verifying Object during recording


I’m struggling to see how to verify an object during the recording of a test using the Katalon Studio Web Recorder feature.

I’m recording my first test and as I click through to where I want to verify, I click the text (in order to capture the object), but then I manually add a Verify Text Present step and seem unable to use the object to verify the text I want.

I’ve seen the above done on various tutorials I’ve seen online, though the UI seems to be older as object is referred to as an element.

Is this a bug or am I missing something? I’ve attached a screenshot as a visual aid of the issue I’ve described showing what I’m trying to verify.


Is there a reason you dont just do this in script mode? much easier

I’m comparing products with a view to using Katalon for an automation solution, part of which is testing like-for-like functionalities, hence I’ve attempted the above method of recording and validation.

What your trying to do is perfectly fine and works as you would expect. What i think the problem here is the method and element you are tyring to verify. Your probably capturing the wrong thing. Could you send a screenshot of the page showing what element your trying to verify.

PS. Katalon is a great tool, been using it for 7 months and its been great. Has a great community.

@devalex88, i want £20 for that promotion :wink:

It’s just a text element within the page, I’ve clicked on it in order to generate the object, but does not allow me to use this as for the object. It’s the same on other elements containing text across the site during recording of a test.

Glad to hear it’s working well for you, gives a good impression.

So that method your using takes different parameters. It does not take an object, it takes a string. Thats why its not allowing you to put the object in.

What you will need is something like this whic takes the parameters your trying to input currently

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Many thanks hpulsford! I didn’t realise there was two distinct ways of text verification in Katalon :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for your help!

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Not a problem, theres a bunch of keywords, if you ever get stuck, just have a look in docs and im sure you will find one that takes your requirements :slight_smile: