Verify Partial Text

I started using Katalon (the recorder) for the first time this week. I am automating a number of tests for software testing. The one thing I haven’t been able to figure out yet is how to verify partial text. For example, we have a “Save Job” button and if it is saved correctly, the next screen has “Successfully saved as Job ____” with a different job number for each job. So I need a verifyPartialText type command to just look for “Successfully saved as Job”. Otherwise, verifyText throws an error.

Is there such a command? And note, I’ve only been working with the Recorder so far, saving it as a .html file.

Try to use like this eric.oswald

  • Command: verifyText
  • Target: (your locator)
  • Value: *Successfully saved as Job*

Thank you! I did not know wild cards would work here!