VerifyText on material design

Hi guys, I need some help with verifying text in the fields on our site which is in material design? Always missing the text from any input field of that page, is div the problem or something else? Do I need to combine verifytext with some other command in order to get them work?

I’m having a similar problem. My environment is heavily locked down and can’t use Katalon Studio properly so I’m limited the functionality available in Katalan Recorder. VerifyText is checking the whole DOM. I need to check against an element, a text input field. VerifyTextPresent command has a target and value field but using target to ‘target’ an element doesn’t appear to work. If it isn’t supported in the command, perhaps if should be greyed out as it’s confusing, however, it’s more likely that i’m doing something wrong here. Can anybody help? thanks.

SOLVED: I was able to use assertText to target an element’s value. The mistake i was making was missing a semi-colon in the value. It was difficult to see on my monitor.

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