Variable Binding not visible

With my friend recommendation, I started looking at KATALON and this is my first test case and facing issue at DATA BINDING.

I have create Test Case and mapped to variable and values.
I have created Test Data in Excel and uploaded.
I have created Test Suite and added test case.

When I click DATA BINDING and In Variable Binding section, I don’t see anything listed??

Hi @rohatala,

Do you have a variable configured in your test case??

You need to have a variable set up in your test case in order for it to be visible in test suite data binding

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Yeah - I have 3 variables configured in test case.

Hi @rohatala

Have you declared Test Case Variables in Variables tab of a Test Case ?

The image shows your usage of the variable, not its declaration.

Thank you! I missed that step and managed to set/ run my Test Suite and got another problem here JAVA ERROR while execution.

WebUI.navigateToUrl receives a string as an argument, it seems you provided a URL instance. Please provide your test script and the binded data.

OK Please see the attached screenshot.

@ThanhTo - Any help would be appreciated.


You would need to map the columns from Excel to Test Case variables. the rawUrl should be a String variable with an empty value (""). In Test Suite UI, you should see Data Binding button, when clicked on it, the panel for you to select Test Data and map the Excel Data Column to Test Case variables.

I am not sure what you’re currently doing, but you can try the above suggestion.

If you modify the Excel column Test URLS into rawUrl, and in Test Suite’s Data Binding panel click on “Automatically map data” then the mapping will be done automatically for you.

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I have resolved myself - it looks like KATALON do not like SPACES in COLUMN NAME HEADERS
I have renamed - TEST URLS to TESTURLS (as one word) and it works.