Test Suite variable binding row missing

We have a number of test suites. They have been running fine for months. Recently, users reported a problem where they were failing. Upon checking the “Data Binding” “Variable Binding” we noticed the following two issues.

  1. One test case lost just one variable binding. just ran “Map All” and it returned.
  2. One test case had a blank line in “Variable Binding” We had row 1 and 2, a blank row, then row 4, the No. column was even blank. Had to delete the test case, and re-add and ran “Map All”

Strange thing was, this occurred in all test suites that used those two test cases.

And this wasn’t related to the copy/rename issues in the other bug?

Hi @danpoleary

Can you give me screenshots for visuals, it’s hard to imagine precisely what’s going on.

The other developer already fixed and checked in the changes since we were running smoke tests at the time. I will create a visual which represents what we saw.

This could be related to the other bug. I am looking into it to see if it occurs again. I am creating a list of all testcases and testsuites with a map to the groovy files that have duplicate names. If it occurs again, I will immediately let you know and will be able to indicate it it is related.

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