Variable Binding not working with Japanese Katakana variable input

Hey, I imported the data from excel file in katakana Test Data. but the testcase is taking the default value (used in test case) only, and not picking up the newly created katakana column

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Are you running your testcase in a suite or standalone?
Note that, with your settings, you set the binding at the test suite level.
Binding at the testcase level I think it is a paid (enterprise) feature.


Possibly you should read the following docs again:

Katalon Studio supports the following data-driven testing methods:

Alternatively, you can also perform data-driven testing with Groovy using the findTestData method. To learn about this method, you can refer to our API documentation: TestData.

Learn in practice with our free Katalon Academy course: ​ Katalon Studio: How to Apply Data-Driven Testing.

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This fact is described at


  • An active Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) license.

I believe that the type of character (Katakana) is not sigfinicant for your issue at all.

Test Suite


I noticed you mixed 2 spellings “KataKata” and “Katakana”.

That confuses KS.

You know, “AlphaNumeric” and “Alphanumeric” are different 2 names.

I corrected the “K”, but it keeps putting the default value of KataKana “” in the Test Suite and Test Case. It should be putting the test data of KataKana in the Test Suite. I am using the trial Enterprise Version.

let me try findTestData Goovy method

can you help me with this data-driven testing with Groovy using the findTestData method

Issue solved first but then re-appeared. I changed the default value to Global Variable = FindTestData

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Still not working @kazurayam @bionel

You should have a look at the guideline:

You should provide enough information so that others can reproduce your case on their side. Otherwise others would not be able to help you much.

Please upload your excel data file so we can try to reproduce the issue on our side.
I don’t see any obvious reason why this is not working for you.