[v4.7] delay between action

I’ve been testing my scenario with both 4.6, 4.7

I found a new settings menu “Project Settings_Delay between actions”


I have a question about new function on 4.7 version of Katalon.

<Project Settings_Delay between actions>

While I recording a test, there are so many cases that I need to use delay codes(Web UI Keyword).

I think this new function is different from the original Web UI Keyword.

For example, if I put ‘delay(3 seconds)’ Keyword between actions , it would take only 3 seconds.

However, if I use new functions, it will take 6 seconds because it would have delay before finding(3s) and clicking(3s)

It seems like it takes 3 times to 6 times than using delay keyword.

If I’m right, please let me know

And I want to know Katalon has a plan to make more delay function which work between actions or items(keyword)

Thank you.

If I’m right, Is there any way that I can delay not each action but the keyword item itself ?

I just want to delay 3 seconds for all keyword but if I use that function, it will take 3 ~ 3n seconds.

Every command that web driver receives from it will be delayed based on that settings, so your guess about its execution time is correct.