[katalon 4.7] delay between action


I want to know the exact meaning of 'delay between action'

I tested this settings as 2 seconds but it feels like it took more than 2 sec…

and does this have same effect if I put 'delay' item after an action?

What is the difference between 'delay' item and 'delay between action' settings?

Yes, I think Delay between action or the Delay setting for 4.7 is going to add a delay before every action essentially slowing down the test overall. Adding the \‘delay\’ item after an action is only going to delay it once before the next action is executed. Another question can think of from this one is if the Delay setting is set to two seconds and there is an in line delay set for two seconds will the delay be 4 seconds for that specific action or will one over ride the other?

I read what you said. so you mean ‘delay between action’ is same as put ‘delay’ item between every action item, right?

Thank you!!!

‘Delay’ settings from 4.7 are actually delaying the command to be executed in the current web driver. After x seconds, the command will be executed, so most of the time you will feel it’s not the same with what you’ve specified.