Using Katalon without coding experience?

My team is comprised of software testers who don’t have much coding experience (some of us have experience, but not everyone does). We would love to help the devs out and take some of their workload in automated testing. Is Katalon Studio at a technical complexity level that a team of software testers without much coding experience could successfully create decent UI tests?

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You can make use of Katalon Studio for Web testing. Your resources can make reference to this site for more learning:

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Hi @shivjikahikahaniyaan

I think your team is a perfect mixed. If I were you, I will suggest my team following the following approach.

“testers who don’t have much coding experience.”

They can use Katalon Studio (KS) to

  1. Record test cases by manual steps (
  2. Create test cases using built-in and custom Keywords
  3. Create test data for test cases (
  4. And many more interesting things

“but not everyone does.”

Testers with coding experiences and Developers can use Katalon Studio to

  1. Debug test cases (
  2. Customize test cases using Script mode
  3. Create your own custom Keywords
  4. And many more interesting things

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