Katalon Studio vs Selenium

I have been using Selenium
to test software for a long time. I recently installed tried Katalon
Studio and think it requires less knowledge of coding.

Will Katalon replace
Selenium? Is it good to start tests in Katalon?

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Katalon Studio uses the Selenium engine for automated testing of Web applications. This means that Katalon uses the Selenium WebDriver framework and hides the complexities of dealing with WebDriver from users.

I think each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so neither of these tools is any better than the other.

Selenium is the most well known tool ever, its communities are really strong and it offers powerful features. But it requires so many skills and so much knowledge to use it.

Selenium is a testing framework to perform web application testing across various browsers and platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. TestingWhiz.

Katalon is a newcomer and its communities are not as strong as Selenium’s but it’s quite powerful and the UI is really user-friendly. Plus, the manual mode in Katalon is amazing, you don’t have to know any programming language to use it. i mean everyone can use it easily.