Using Katalon without coding experience

My team is comprised of software testers who don’t have much coding experience (some of us have experience, but not everyone does). We would love to help the devs out and take some of their workload in automated testing. Is Katalon Studio at a technical complexity level that a team of software testers without much coding experience could successfully create decent UI tests?

why don’t you start by reading the docs / watching some guides?

Katalon has a ‘Manual’ view and a ‘Script’ (coding) view to develop testcases.
So … it can be used by users will less coding experience.
However a bit of knowledge about locators (css, xpath and so on) and using various debugging tools (like Console, Develper Tools) is a must for a WebUI tester (or equivalent tools for mobile/desktop apps)

My experience with katalon:
When i started to use it, i knew nothing about AQA. Just a bit of Java at high level (some basic OOP programing) and a bit of JS scripting (learned because Postman)
But i was an AQA wannabe.
So i found this toy an explored a bit. Manual view and recorder waz fine for a while until i faced that, for my actual use cases, i need to do also API testing, DB testing and ofcourse data driven.
So, it was the time to start reading Groovy docs in paralel with Katalon docs.

After about 1month i have been able to present to my team a POC project which involved collecting data from certain DB’s to drive the tests, triger some API’s, validate data against other API’s, validate a DB against another DB, and perform some basic webUI tests.
It was hard? A bit. Fun? A lot.
After about one year of using it i was at the level where i no longer depend on katalon but i can develop my own custom framework based only on opensource tools, coding only.
So, on short, it is only you to say how much you want to invest in growing your knowledge.
I still use katalon as a hobby. Because i can, and is fun and have a great potential (altough i dont fully agree with the licensing schema)
Hope it helped!


You can use Katalon Studio to build a test case as complex as you want it to be, since it is also an IDE with Groovy/Java as the main scripting language.

It also follows a keyword-driven approach which suits best for teams transitioning from manual testing to automation, since you’d only need a few who know how to build (code up) keywords and then the testers can use the manual interface in Katalon to create test cases.

On top of that it offers features such as self-healing, smart wait and other capabilities designed to make your testing simpler. So yes, a team of software testers without much coding experience can create UI tests successfully with Katalon, as such characteristic is rather prevalent in our customers.

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