Using Global Variables 'inline'

Is it possible with Katalon Studio to use Global Variables ‘inline’ in a test case like such

input set to “http://{Host}/MyPage.aspx”

Where {Host} is the Global variable. I would like to be able to quickly swap all my test cases from localhost, to staging and to live.


I do it in script:

WebUI.navigateToUrl(GlobalVariable.TARGET_URL + ‘Pages/somepage.aspx’)

Thanks Russ. I am using Katalon Studio > Edit Test Case widnow

Hey Scott

Reason I said “I do it in script” is because it’s easier. I’m guessing you mean the Manual View. It’s possible, but the interface is a little clunky because KS wants you to select from drop-downs using odd-sounding names for some of the most basic things. That just gets in my way, so I use script mostly.

Take a copy of the line I gave you, paste it into your script view then switch to Manual View so see it. You can change it to suit your variable name in either view.



Thanks so much Russ. I never even knew script view existed! That has broadened my horizons considerably!

PS apologies for the late reply, I sort of gave up on this and just returned to it

LOL - a whole year later? :astonished:

Ha yeah, better later than never!