Types of Variables


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Did Katalon removed global variables view? I can not find the Global Variable view icon on the right.
How would I add and review my global variables now?


I’m having trouble finding it also. It’s not there.


I just found out that it is located under Profiles > Default in the Test Explorer pane on the right. You can create global variables there, even though it doesn’t state that. it’s very confusing now.


Yeah, looks like the documentation is out of date.


The current Global Variables list now become the Default Profile . There will be NO ‘Global Variables’ interface. You will need to create Global Variables in the new Execution Profile .


Experts please help me. How can I set a global variable during the test case set.
I prefer the verification way.


Thank you.




parameterize Global Variables in http body directly not working it not picking the actual global variable value.


Turns out they change Katalon GlobalVariables without fixing the documentation.


Can you set a Global Variable from a script?

Edit: Found out that you can but it only persists it during the test case/test suite execution session.

GlobalVariable.foo = "bar"


Today I did the same experience. Did you find any solution to set persistent variables? Does somebody has any idea?