Using Exported Katalon Recorder scripts for Katalon Studio

I’ve seen a few threads which go on at length regarding Selenium import/export - however this is not my issue.

I am specifically looking for an answer on how to Export Katalon Recorder scripts and then Import them into Katalon Studio.

NOTE: Recorder and Studio are on the same machine, so I would not expect any object/library issues…

In Katalon Recorder, I do the following steps:
1. Create Test Script and save.
2. Select the Test Script and then select Export option.
3. Choose Format = Katalon Studio
4. Choose Save as File ‘xyz.groovy’
OK all good…

5. In Katalon Studio, I look for File> … anything to import the NATIVE script option I just exported from Recorder.
6. There is no option other than Import Selenium IDE Scripts (Beta)
7. Select this option and try to import the groovy file.

Blank test case AND Test Suite is created with “imported from Selenium IDE” name on them and the test isn’t actually imported.
I have also tried drag and drop of the groovy file onto Katalon Studio and this is not possible.

So, how exactly is it that Recorder has a native export option, but then there is no File> Open or File> Import option for a these test cases in Studio?

I see the File> Open Project option, but Recorder Does Not allow export of Projects…

Thanks in advance!

I believe I have found my own answer here: