Exporting Katalon Recorder test suite for use in Katalon Studio

Hi everyone

I’m trying to export test cases from Katalon Recorder to use them as a starting point for more robust test cases in Katalon Studio.

If I export the KR script as “Katalon Studio”, how do I import that script into Katalon Studio?

I read the topic about this posted by @Russ_Thomas ht tps://forum.katalon.com/t/exporting-katalon-recorder-test-scripts-for-use-in-katalon-studio/9561 and as per @Liam_B comment I tried to import the test suite using the option Import Selenium IDE Project but I am getting Error popup with error message Cannot import Selenium IDE scripts , The test suite file which is exported from KR is saved with .krecorder extension.


Is anyone doing this successfully?

Can anyone help?

Thank you!


Hi there, you can go to KR and choose Export within the Actions section. It’ll open a place where you can download your scripts as a KS project. You only need to open this project using KS and it should be fine.

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 17.39.20

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for Helping @ThanhTo, I am able to successfully import the project from KR