Upload test results to google drive

Too bad that we’re not allowed to post test results into Katalon Analytics. So my solution is to upload testsuite results to google drive.

I already have the mechanism to zip the test result folder and upload the zip file into google drive. I’ve tried to add that mechanism into @AfterTestSuite from Test Listeners. But the test is actually still running. My workaround is to separate the task into 2 scripts in CMD mode. Or create 2 testsuites in testsuiteCollection. But it’s kind of troublesome if I have many testsuites.

Is there a way to simulate the upload results to Katalon Analytics without the need to separate into 2 scripts in CMD mode?

is there a way to do something after the @AfterTestSuite level in Test Listeners from the test suite level?

Not to do what you’re asking for, I’m pretty certain.

Well, once you’re outside of the KatalonTS/TC realm, the world is your oyster. The first thought that crossed my mind was a process that watches the reports folder(s) and performs the uploads auto-magically. Because this would be a separate entity from the CMD script, you would be back to using one instead of two.

There’s probably a freeware tool out there that wraps this task nicely. I wrote one in node 3 million years ago - God knows where that is now. There may even be something in Windows PowerShell…

DuckDuckGo is your friend, go look :slight_smile:

you can do it from a single script, using CALL to run katalon, at the end it will return in the main script where you can add the step for upload

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