Upload image file plugins

After many search I found that there is plugins for upload images.I am using katalon for Rest API Automation Test and found issue on image upload and when I download the plugins it does not work for me…Please guide.

@nazneen Did you followed the exact way to install plugins ? After clicking on Install in the plugin store you need to click reload plugins in your Katalon Studio.

If there is an specific error please post that too.

Yes, I have reloaded the plugins and also try to install it from console but it was not properly installed through console. And Also when I update the katalon form 6.1.5 to 6.2.0 upgradation is not done.After restarting the software its again showing me the old version. After usage of katalon from last 6 months I found there is too many bugs here.Please guide me.Its very very very urgent. :frowning: :frowning:

@trunglu Can you please have a look at this? Thanks.

Hi @nazneen:
The fastest way to overcome the issue with upgrading is to download the latest Katalon version 6.2.0 from the website and use Katalon from there ;).
Link to download: https://www.katalon.com/.
Then uninstall/install the UploadFile plugin and first try running the sample UploadFile project to see if you can upload the files or not.
Link to sample project:

Can you send us your log file?

Hi Trunglu,

Image upload is still not working in rest api testing.Here I have attached screenshots.