Need help with Uploading Image and then verifying the image was uploaded

I have looked at Forums, I have looked on youTube and looked in Help documents. Still not understanding how to do this. I wish someone would make a easy to follow video and show step by step how this is done. When trying to record the steps, they do not record. I have tried entering code manually that was shown on a help / how to page on the Katalon site, and I have tried the script method and not understand what I’m actually supposed to write, swap out in the example code with my parameters needed.

code I found in help manually, and tried the script method, but having no luck.

I am attaching the screen I have 4 places I need to upload an image.

Upload Location Images.jpg


Hi. Just to clarify - are you using Katalon Studio (desktop app) or Katalon Recorder (extension)?

Using Katalon Studio (Desktop App)

Also, I just downloaded this a few days ago and now getting message to update to 64-5.4.1.

What’s the best way to update the software?

Because when I click to download it, it will put it all in a new folder. Should I select the previous folder it was downloaded to? I don’t want or need to download the entire app again. Do they have an easier way to update only the files that need updating?