How to upload a file in Rest API


I just want to upload a image file as a form parameter in POST request.



Currently, we haven’t supported the feature in the tool’s UI yet. However, I think we could achieve it by using scripting mode to load the image and put it into the request. Could you try this way?

Trong Bui,

Could you please share any sample code.

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The feature has been implemented and will be included in the 5.4 release within the next 2 weeks.

Hi Mr Trong, can you give the example how to upload image file in rest api?


It is API testing. If you have API specification that requires the file/image, you can attack it in the request body as form

Its not working in 7.2.6 . While saving, row itself getting removed. Please suggest


Hi @padeep,
Please download Katalon Studio latest version and try again.