Upgrading Katalon Studio Groovy Version

I was wondering if it’s possible to update the groovy version to 2.5.7 manually or if we have to wait for Katalon Studio to make a new release. If it’s the latter, about what time would this be available?

I need to use @NamedVariant but it does not work on the current Groovy version (v2.4.7)

Thank you!

manualy is not possible. most probably will totaly crash katalon at runtime due to broken dependecies/mismatched versions
if katalon team intend to upgrade … no idea.
@ThanhTo @devalex88 ??

Hi @daniel.tran, @Ibus

We are considering to upgrade Groovy to v2.4.17 or v2.5.7 in Katalon v7.1.0 release. This release will eliminate some crashes when editing Groovy script. Please stay tuned.


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Awesome. Really looking forward to that update. I have experienced lots of issues regarding crashing/freezing during Groovy scrip editing as well.

What is the timeline for the v7.1.0 release?

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stay tuned! :slight_smile:
i bet, when the dev team will know, will tell you.
but please understand they have to analyze and prioritize the features … it’s a full process

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I have looked at the v7.1.0 release and it still does not look like there is an update to v2.5.7 yet… @duyluong

@daniel.tran i think an groovy update is targeted in 8.0 beta … not sure if will suit your needs, check the pinned topic

Up ! Why don’t we use the lastest (stable) version of groovy, the 3.0.8 ? I would like to use some feature of at least the 2.5 like the jsonGenerator. Is it available in the 8.0 beta ?

The team once tried upgrading Groovy to ver 3 but found difficulties. See the following post:


Some news about Groovy 3 ?

Does Katalon support Groovy 3 ?


Some news about groovy version ?

@moustik I am certain Katalon Studio version 9 uses Groovy version 3.

I had to update all the deprecated XmlSlurper imports.
Reference: XmlSlurper (groovy 3.0.7 API)