Unzip file into certain folder

The purpose of the test is to unzip a zip file into a specific folder and then read the unzipped file. Previously (a year or two ago) everything worked fine, but now I ran into the problem of the name of the final folder.

I’m using customkeyword for this

String path = 'D:\\TestingFilesDownloadFolder\\Result.zip' KeywordUtil.logInfo(CustomKeywords.'com.katalon.plugin.keyword.zip.ZipKeywords.unZip'(path, null))

Previously, after completing this step, the Result folder was created and the necessary file was already in it. Now the Result_(random_numbers) folder is being created with the required file.
Is there a way to get out of this situation?(I mean unzip file into Result folder)

I already tried the variant from this thread

but the case even won’t start at all when it has this code

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