Unable to use the Docker with version7.x


While trying to check the docker feature , seeing this error about license.

Start activating offline…

Search for valid offline licenses in folder: /root/.katalon/license

The number of valid offline licenses: 0

Offline activation failed.

Start activating online…

Online activation for console mode failed.

Activation failed. Please make sure you are using a valid license.

All launchers terminated.

The 7.x version is a trial version and do not see any license info.
How do we get past this issue?


I’m hitting the same issue as @bhuvaneshwari.mahend. Testing Katalon Studio with Docker locally with the same issue of failed offline and online activation/console mode.

Is this the expected behavior? and is a TestOps subscription is needed for this?

Would this be the same issue if using the Katalon Studio plugin in Docker jenkins/blueocean?