Unable to tap object in a webview (iOS)

I was working on a hybrid iOS application and I encountering an issue in tapping a button in a webview.

When I tried running the script, the step has passed and successful but it doesn’t actually tap the button.

There was a previous webview page (which is working as expected) before the page that I am having an issue with.

I was tapping the Yes button:

I didn’t add the Switch To Web View since I successfully ran my other steps in a webview page.

Hi @mariaa

May i know your OS and Katalon version?


Hi @Jass

Im running on Mac OS 10.14
Katalon Studio: v7.2.1
Simulator: iPhone 11 Pro Max v13.3

Hi, just want to ask for an update? Thank you.
@Jass @thongnmtran