Katalon link Browser Stack - Web App testing on iOs - Can't find element that exist via xpath and attribute on iOS

Katalon Studio Version: 7.2.6 (trial)

Remote connection:
Link to browserstack is not provided
Iphone 8 (got browserstack.local is due to my real testing is using localhost)

Samsung Galaxy S9

My automation (example purpose)


WebUI.navigateToUrl(‘HTML Examples’)

WebUI.waitForElementVisible(findTestObject(‘w3SchoolPreviousbutton’), 0)




Result when run on Iphone 8 - Failed

log.txt (3.3 KB)

Result when run on Samsung S9

What I have tried

  1. NativeWebTap - not working
  2. Attribute instead of xpath - not working
  3. Iphone 7, 8 or 11 - all same issue
  4. Appium version 1.6.6 or above - not working
  5. Click on div instead of button or ‘a’

Are you doing Mobile testing? or WebUI testing?

The attached screenshot tells that you chose Appium/ IOS Driver. This implies you want to do Mobile testing.

On the other hand, “My automation” shows calling WebUI.* keywords. This implies you want to do WebUI testing.

In Katalon Studio, Mobile testing and WebUI testing is entirely different set of features. You should never mix them.

I can not see what you are doin.


Thanks for the quick repond
I’m creating automation for Web app on mobile. (basically testing to open a web app on mobile).

Yeah, understood that mobile testing and web ui testing are entirely different.
But, If I try to use ‘Tap’ on the web UI, I can’t use the xpath that I got from Chrome browser.

Am I missing something here? Do should to record the element via elumator that open application ? instead the Computer Browser?


Could you give some advice to him. Which books/articles/manual pages to read for examle?

Hi @jefri.zhang,

From what I know, to test a web app or a mobile app that includes a webview, you’ll need to explicitly switch to the webview in your test. Katalon has a function to do this: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/mobile-switch-to-web-view.html

Alternatively, you should be able to create a web test in a browser and execute it on a mobile device. There is a thread about this approach here: Testing web apps on mobile devices

Hope this helps,


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Hi @Chris_Trevarthen

Will learn about the webview, thanks for the sharing.
Yeah, I was able to run the same automation script on desktop and mobile device (ios and android - physical device - not from Browserstack).

But these script is not working when I try to run it on BrowserStack IoS device.
There is not clear error log, the click command is not passing to browser stack at all based on the execution log.