Switch to WebView is not working in iOS real device


I am writing an automation script for iOS App.

I was writing the script that supports iOS simulator. But , I was unable to receive notifications (and it is not possible as per various forums). So, I switched to automation of App for iOS real device. Now, my already created script for iOS simulator is not working as expected in iOS real device. As my App is a hybrid Cordova App, I had to switch to mobile and web view many a times.

But I am receiving the following error trying to switch my App’s content to webView.

The error is as under :

com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: Unable to switch the driver to WEBVIEW mode (Root cause: Cannot find any WEBVIEW to switch to)

The specifications are as under :

Mac OS : 10.13.6
Appium version : 1.8.1
Xcode version : 9.4.1
Katalon Studio Version: 5.8.0
Device used in Testing : iPhone 6 (OS:11.4.1)

Chand Mehta

I have the same issue , just wondering if you know how to fix it?thanks