Unable to switch to New Tab in Firefox

I have developed my tests in FF as I prefer the locator assistance it provides so I know my tests would select a newly opened tab as the result of a clicked link in the past.

For the last few months, I have not been able to get this to work. The test case stalls until I stop it, never times out.

I am using FF 82.0.1 and Katalon Recorder 5.3.1.

All test cases work just fine in Chrome. Any thoughts on why FF is causing an issue with this now?

Edit: Sorry - I just realized you’re talking about Kat Recorder.

Two things…

  1. Upgrade your Katalon - 5.x is a long way behind.

  2. Firefox profile settings determine how links are handled. I think the default is to open them to a new tab. Then you would need to use switchToWindowIndex or similar.

Lastly, I use FF routinely. Like you, I prefer the DevTools in FF. I don’t have issues like you describe - switching windows/tabs works fine.

@Dennis_Hohn Did you see this alert?

Also, please try if the selectWindow.html sample works on your machine.

Thanks for the input, but the link actually is opening in a new tab, Katalon just freezes like it is waiting for the page to finish loading.

I am using selectWindow and looking for the title.

Does opening and selecting a new tab work for you in FireFox? Maybe it’s my computer/browser.

@Dennis_Hohn The add-on worked well on my Chrome and Firefox. I think it depends on the website and its JavaScript.

@devalex88 I’ve been working around the issue as of late but dug more today.

The issue is around when you use a target="_blank".