How to Identify if Firefox is the browser test case is running

Hello Team,

I have a scenario in which I am trying to test if clicking a link opens up a new tab and that page which is opened on a new tab has certain elements present.

This is a simple scenario and works fine on Chrome but on Firefox when I run the same test case instead of opening the link in a new tab it opens a new window. This doesn’t happen when I repeat the same scenario manually on firefox.

I want to handle this condition so I was thinking if I can add an if statement in the script to see if the test is running on firefox then it should check for a new window rather than a tab.

I am not sure what to do withing the script to see if it is a Firefox or Google Chrome test case is running.

How Firefox preferences is configurable: whether to open a new window or a new tab

@kazurayam This is the browser setting but this doesn’t help. Everytime a test is executed on Firefox to click on a link, a new window is opened instead of New tab. There should be some other work around .

Hello there…
maybe you have reason for that, but usually test functionality of browser seems to me pointless. (click and open URL)
(hopefully QA on FF side will notice if clicking on link will not work)
If you just try to check if url provided in link is correct and displays what is should i will just use


and check for content there

hi, did you solve this problem? and how did you solve this problem