Unable to Sign up to Katalon using work email, it shows "This Email i'd doesn't exsist"

After the recent update of Katalon Studio, if any user from my organization tries to sign up for Katalon Studio, it shows “This email i’d doesn’t exist.”

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Hi @priyanga.udhaya, Welcome to the Katalon Community forum.
We need more information before can begin to help you…
For starters what version(s) are you asking about?
Read this post for more details as to what is needed to help you:

Thanks Dave

Katalon Version: 9.3.2
Build: 212

The new users trying to sign up to katalon using work email address: 1. Navigate to Login.katalon.com
2. Click Sign up
3. Sign up with work email address
4. Entering all the deatils (Name, Office email address, new password)
5. Click on Sign up

Then it throws “This email doesn’t exsist. Please try again”. See attached images for reference.

Katalon Version

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Even the existing users who are using Katalon 9.3.2 receive a git error when they try to pull the code to the Azure DevOps git repository.
Git error

Any one else facing this issue in the new katalon version or any solution suggestion for this ?

Hi there @priyanga.udhaya, :wave:

It appears that you and your team are one of our paid customers; hence, we will be looping in our Product Support team here who will be able to assist you (@product-support).

Alternatively, you could also contact our Product Support team - and receive faster responses - via:

  • [For our paid users] Creating a support ticket here, or
  • [For both our paid & free users] Send an email to: support@katalon.com

We hope this helps, :+1:

Hi @priyanga.udhaya ,

Can you please help create a new thread for your issues? And I see that you have 2 different issues, you can describe it in new thread and we are willing to help you. Please provide more information with your OS, device, … Thank you!