Unable to setup Katalon Runtime engine DevOps license


My company has procured various Katalon studio license and one katalon runetime devops license.

Our devellopers have no issue with their own license.

But in our effort to setup nightly tests runs via Azure DevOps, we can’t seem to be able to setup the licence usage appropriately.

I have given our “generic user” an api key. I am then using this api key when calling katalon via the command line in Azure DevOps.

Here is an exerpt from the logs
Command-line arguments: -projectPath=D:\vso\b3_work\519\s\katalon_projects\CDP.DAX_365\CDP.DAX_365.prj -testSuitePath=Test Suites/General Ledger/Chart of accounts/export_EDC_MainAccount -executionProfile=Nightly -runMode=console -statusDelay=5 -retry=0 -browserType=Chrome (headless) -apiKey=***** --config -webui.autoUpdateDrivers=true*

And here is the part where Katalon is trying to activate it’s licence :

Can you guide me towards properly setting up the runtime engine dev ops license please


Does your API key belong to a TestOps account which belongs to the organization that purchased the DevOps license ?

From your TestOps account that generated the api key, please go to Organization > Organization Settings > Licenses > Katalon Runtime Engine DevOps and provide the screenshot.

How does one go about create a TestOps account ?

I’ve only seen the possibility to add users. I can give them the role of user/admin/Owner/billing manager.

I don’t see any mention of a TestOps Category


I’ve also included a screen grab of the Katalon Studio where we have our users.

The Api key i’m using in Azure DevOps is associated to the user “CDPQ Ax - Katalon” in the provided screen grab.

A Katalon account can also be used to login TestOps. Please tell that user to go to TestOps and visit the page where you took the screenshot, and then click on Katalon Runtime Engine DevOps, the first thing we should check is that there’s at least an available license there.


That user cannot access the runtime engine devops license page with the new interface in TestOps.

I’ve provided screencaps of user logged in KatalonStudio, and another one with what he is seeing on landing page in testops.

There are mention of Katalon studio license and Katalon Runtime licence, but no Katalon Runtime DevOps license



It means that the organization doesn’t have a DevOps license. I recommend you check which organization did you purchase the DevOps for, then generate an API key from a user within that Organization.

I have the same screen on landing page in TestOps if i’m using the owner and or admin credentials to get in TestOps.

But as admin or owner, i have access to “Manage users”. And from there i can get to see the Runtime DevOps License.

Landing page as owner

user page as owner

KRE DevOps page as owner


Is there a way we can enter into live communication?

Here our subscription page which clearly shows we have

  • 3 Katalon Studio Enterprise license
  • 1 Katalon Runtime Engine (DevOps) license


Can you use that owner account to generate an api Key and use that to see if you encounter the same activation issue ?


I’ve tried with an admin user API Key. I’ve had the same result. Where Azure DevOps couldn’t acquire a license.

I’ve then tried with the owner API Key. And finally, the license check seems to work.

So even though i finally passed the license hurdle, When I go into testOps to verify if the KRE DevOps license is in use. I still see it as available. My worry is that I’m still not quite setted up right.

Are you using the Katalon plugin on Azure DevOps, or are you using your own set up ?

Our own setup as our security or architecture department hasn’t approved the use of plugins on Azure DevOps


In that case, it is highly likely that your Owner account is still eligible for a trial of KRE, which makes activation passed.

The Katalon plugin on Azure DevOps is designed to work with KR DevOps license, if you use your own set up, then the activation process of a regular RE is looking for a node locked license. To work with KR DevOps license, you would need to use the katalon plugin on Azure DevOps, or use our official Docker image.

To inquire about information about security information in case your departments require, it’s best to use our Zendesk support channel. It’s a more dedicated channel for KSE/RE users. I may not have sufficient time or knowlewdge to answer all of your questions here.

Hello Team,

i am also facing the same issue and i have submitted a ticket and its been 4 days and i didnt get the resolution (i got only first response) . please provide us an solution on how to make use to the devops license which we bought.


Hi Jllaero,

Thanks for your information.

Could you please give me the name of your ticket or the ticket ID that you have submitted 4 days ago?

Our Customer Support team will check and give you a solution as soon as possible.

Hello everyone,

You’re recommended to read this announcement regarding the consolidation of both Katalon Runtime Engine DevOps and Floating licenses into one licensing offering, Floating .