Unable to send testing report when run from cmd

Unable to send testing report when run from cmd, when the test suite has more than 30 test case, please advise ASAP.

Make sure you are adding your api into the command. it will be -apiKey=“YOUR_API_KEY_HERE”.

You can get it from Katalon store > Login > My Account > Security > Generate API

Of course, make sure your plugin is setup in Katalon prior to doing any of this

Thanks for your reply but the issue is occurred even if the run is locally from the Katalon itself.
Please advise ASAP.

What error are you getting ?

It is still display sending email … without any result

This is the status:

Did you configure the email settings in project?

please post the full error log ASAP if you need help ASAP

Where can I find the error log file??

Yes, I did, and I receive report email for 2 and 4 test cases.