Error email report (after installing basic report plugin)

I’m trying to email a test report for a test suite. After following these instructions:

Getting reports from test suite with Katalon 6.1.5

I’m getting the error in the Event Log (when running from UI):
Thu May 30 09:40:13 CDT 2019
System is unable to email report. Reason: org.apache.commons.mail.EmailException: javax.mail.internet.AddressException: Illegal address in string ``‘’

However, when trying to run from command line, it appears to hang (not return to the command prompt) and I don’t see the report when trying to examine the ‘Reports’ in the UI?

Attached is the log file.

What must be done to resolve this? Is there a clear set of instructions which can clear up running this from: a) UI or b)command-line?

EventLog.log (12.1 KB)

Which version of the plugin are you using? I had to update and reload plugins to solve some errors I was getting with reports causing executions to hang at the end of tests

As I look at it now, it appears to be the Basic Plugin from Katalon Store, which is 1.0.4

Could you go to plugin store top right in Katalon and reload plugins and double check the version, mine is working but seems to be on 1.0.3 and not updating. May need one of the devs to confirm latest release version and if there’s any other reports of this issue.

Having reloaded plugin, I’m at v 1.0.3.

BTW: I’ve resolved this issue. This was done by going to Project Settings → Email and entering the appropriate information. This then allows the test to run and the email report to be sent, provided you’ve set that up in the Test Suite execution information mail settings.


I suppose that explains the " Illegal address in string" makes sense. I should have spotted that sooner; glad you got it fixed.