Unable to select multiple checkboxes

I am unable to choose multiple checkboxes. While recording the selection of different checkboxes, its saving under same test object and considering it as same element. Is there anything I need to do extra or an issue with katalon?
My checkboxes xpaths look like these:
Note the last div number changes


are you able to give some more info about this issue?
e.g html where checkboxes are, screenshot from your page etc

@deepthi1 I assume you are using the Spy within KS. The Spy can assign “n” characters to an element’s name, and the “n” characters are the same for some elements. However, you can change the name the Spy assigned or rename every element so they are unique. Yes it is a lot of work but that’s sometimes what it takes. Especially with radio buttons that may have the same name except Yes, No or Whatever.

I usually name a checkbox or radio element with the element type, then the web page subheading, then the associated label, then the Yes, No, or Whatever (if there is this part).


Hi grylion54,
I tried both ways, spy and web recoder. Both times it saved with same name. As you suggested I tried to save one with some name and tried to record another. But it was replacing the existing one

Yes, I face this issue for all the checkboxes in my application. I will attach the screenshots of 2 such pages for reference.

@deepthi1 So I think you are concerned about two issues. The element’s name and the element’s XPath.

For the element’s name, in the image below, you can select/highlight each element within the Captured Objects window and change the element’s name in the Object Name box of the Object Properties section BEFORE clicking on the Save button. This is the easiest time to create a unique name for each element.

At the same time, you can also rewrite any of the attribute values in the list below the Object Properties, like what attributes to actually use to find the element.


You can also rename an element in the OR by right clicking and selecting Rename.

//input[@type='checkbox' and contains(., "PRINTED")]

This Xpath should work for you, you can just change the text for each. I would strongly recommend learning how to write your own Xpath/Css selectors as the katalon tools are great but it will massively help if you are able to write your own as the ones you currently have are extremely brittle and can easily break. In regards to the actual saving as the same element, just create them manually and add your own xpath like the one above