Object Recorder with Checkboxes

Is there a way to get the object recorder to record the checkbox ID instead of the label? We use bootstrap, I’ve tried various methods to get it to work, so far it records the label every time. The downside is that I can use the Object Recorder for the selection of the checkboxes, but I need to manually create a second object to verify if the checkbox is checked since we’re unable to use the label for that. It adds a considerable amount of time to generating the test cases, its really my only complaint so far, Katalon has met/exceeded all my expectations. I’m hoping its just an oversight on my part. A couple of sample checkboxes are below, I purposely made the 2nd label not link to the checkbox to see if it would make a difference.

Sample Checkboxes:


Hi Travis, I have the same problem. Have you managed to find any workaround?

I did not unfortunately. I found building the tests took too long, so we went back to writing them from scratch in Selenium with the Java libraries.