Unable to see the Report folder in Tests Explorer

Hi - I’ve installed Basic report plugin. however, I don’t see the report folder in Tests Explorer.


Make sure it is selected in Project Settings:

Thank You Russ. The issue is, I don’t see the “Reports” option in Project Settings->Explorer.

I’m moving this to the Bugs category.

In the meantime, please detail your test environment (OS, Katalon version, etc.)

@ThanhTo Any ideas?

Thanks again.

I’m on Windows 10, Katalon 7.2.6. See attached screenshot

Hi @tonthomas

Please show me what’s under Project Settings > Plugins in Katalon Studio.


Viewing Reports and Checkpoints folder is a Katalon Studio Enterprise feature. Basic report plugin only generate the report files (HTML, PDF, CSV). You can view the report via Windows Explorer or Katalon TestOps (recommended).

Please see attached