Reports Folder is not displayed on new Version 7.1.0

After installing the new version of Katalon Studion ( V 7.1.0), “Report” folder is not displayed or missing.

After installing the new version today, I noticed that my Report Folder is missing,

Hi @balaavista

Report feature has been splited into (free) Basic Report plugin. I think if you go to your physical project folder then the Report folder would still be there.

Additionally, if you go to your Test Suite / Test Suite Collection, then you may find tab Result containing the latest execution. To view and gain insights of your executions, you can enable TestOps integration which automatically updates your test results to TestOps where you can oversee the statistics.

Thanks .As per documentation and after generating test result report folder is not displayed and not generating video . Please refer screen shot.

I am also not getting the Report folder as well as html report after running the suite.

My Report folder

Please look into the screenshot and respond ASAP.

Neeraj Srivastava

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