Unable to see Slack integration option in Katalon Testops

The integration tutorial page – Manage test reports with Slack - Katalon TestOps integration | Katalon Docs.

tells that the Slack integration can be seen in Configurations → Integrations → Dropdown, however, when I go there in my dashboard I don’t see the option. Am I missing any steps/permissions?


I dont know why you cant see but I see the option. Can you please try reload it or open it in Incognito browser?

I tried from incognito but I still don’t see the slack integration option. Also tried reloading multiple times but that too didn’t work

I believe that you are a member of this project. Slack or Jira/Xray configuration is available to project owners, so you should be project owners in order to see it. Try to check your role in this project, again?
I hope it is helpful.

It is true that I do not have the project owner access, but I checked with a team member with that access but he too doesn’t have the Slack integration option.

I think you should double-check his role to ensure he has the Owner or Admin role.

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@testfeaturedev Turns out, the admin role did have the ‘Slack’ option visible. Thanks for your help!