Unable to run record and play on IE 11

Hello All,

I’m unable to run Record and Play test cases on IE-11 browsers, tried the steps as mentioned in IE configurations documents, still doesn’t work. Even after installing the IE drivers still it doesnt work.
Can anyone please help out.


Could you please provide more information that will help us and the devs find a solution to your issue. For example, what version of KS are you using, what happens exactly when you try to perform the record action etc, any screen shots or errors caught in the log would be great.


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I am using KT version;
Katalon Studio
Version: 6.2.2
Build: 4

When I run the scripts on Chrome it works fine , but when i choose the IE browser to run it, it opens the app and does not allow further action. Just stops and error says …“Unable to set the user name…”