Unable to rename Include/scripts/groovy/package to newPackageName when Keywords/newPackageName is already present

I use Katalon Studio 7.2.1 on Mac OSX Catalina. I believe other versions have the same problem, on Windows as well.

Let me show you an example with screenshots. I have a sample project on GitHub

In the junit4ks project, as an initial state, I had a pair of Groovy scripts

I wanted to refactor the package name. I wanted to renamed the package junittutorial to my.tutorial.

I could successfully renamed the Keywords/junittutorial package to Keywords/my.tutorial by choosing Rename menu in the Tests Explorer of Katalon Studio.

Ok, next, I wanted to refactor the package name in the Includes directory. I chose Rename menu for the Include/scripts/groovy/junittutorial in the Tests Explorer of Katalon Studio. I typed new package name my.tutorial. Then I got rejected by Katalon Studio. KS rejected it because Inputted name already exist

I think, KS should NOT reject renaming a package in the Include to a newPackageName even when Keywords/newPackageName already exists.

This behaviour makes refactoring codes in the Include subfolder difficult.


please put this issue into your backlog

Let me add a description of problem.

Curiously enough, I could add Include/script/groovy/newPackageName by choosing New > package in the Tests Explorer.

The behaviour of Katalon Studio is not consistent. If it rejects renaming the Include/scripts/groovy/junittutorial package to Include/scripts/groovy/my.tutorial, then it should also reject adding Include/scripts/groovy/my.tutorial. But, in fact, KS only rejects renaming it but accepts adding it.

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Thanks kazu,

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