Cannot rename a package under Include when the package already exists under Keywords

I have made a demo project on GitHub, with it you can reporoduce the problem

Problem to solve

I use JUnit inside Katalon Studio to do unit-testing over custom keywords as I described at another post. During that exercise, I often need to rename Groovy packages.

In the sample project, I have a file Include/scripts/groovy/my.packageY/GreeterTest.groovy , and wanted to move it to Include/scripts/groovy/my.packageX/GreeterTest.groovy .

I tried renaming it with Katalon Studio’s UI. In the Test Explorer, select the Include/scripts/groovy/my.packageY and mouse-right-click to choose Rename to my.packageX . Then the dialog rejected renaming with message Inputted package already exists .

diaglog with error

In the Include/scripts/groovy directory there is NOT a package my.packageX . Therefore, no reason why I can not rename my.packageY to my.packageX .

Reason why KS behaves as such

In the Keywords directory there was a package my.packageX. This seemed to be the reason why KS rejects my request. KS checks duplication of package names in the Keywords directory and the Include/script/groovy directory mixed.

What’s funny

It was funny to find that I could add my.packageX under the Include/scripts/groovy directory while KS rejects renaming my.packageY to my.packageX .

How significant is it?

I often do refactoring of package names for code clarity. This restriction (I can not rename packages under Include/scripts/groovy) makes the refactoring difficult.

However, I am aware that just a few people uses the Include directory. Any problems occurring in this directory would not affect to users a lot.

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This bug is still outstanding in Katalon Studio 7.9.1.
I want to reopen this issue to bring it into your attention.

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I am facing the same issue while using BBD scripts