Unable to Record Infragistics Date and Time control using Katalon Web Recorder


Please find the below steps we have followed,

1.While recording our application ,we have some infragistics control -Fields present inside the Iframe

Please find the fields which is present in screen ,in the attached screenshot.

Field Name

  1. status
  2. Requesting Resolution By Date/Time
  3. Email Alert
  4. SMS Alert
    Screen shot1: Application screen

Screenshot 2:

Are you trying to test the calendar function? If not you could probably just pass a value into the field.

No, am not trying to test the calendar function . I have just enter date value into the Date field during Recording time.

But My Actions(Setting date value in the date field) are not Recorded in ActionList.

Kindly suggest me, if there is any possible way to record those infragistics Date/Time Field Actions. Without using script Mode.

oh…hmmm yeah I would go via script mode for this one. you could try manual mode at the very least. is it going with set text? if it is setting text for that step you might need to edit the repository object.