Unable to record actions in few controls

In my ASP.Net webpage, I am using DatePicker, TimePicker and NumericEditor controls provided by Infragistics. The data entry actions are not getting recorded using Katalon recorder.

The value typed in the textbox will be stored in some hidden variables.

I have herewith attached the screenshots showing the recording issues. There can be some manual methods to override this. But I want to achieve this during recording itself and avoid any manual changes post recording.

Please help.

I have also attached the HTML output of the whole page. WebNumericEditor1 is the name of the numeric editor control and WebDatePicker1 is the name of the Datepicker control.

WebRequestWebResponse.txt (49.7 KB)

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<input title="{0}" id=“WebNumericEditor1” readonly=“readonly” name=“WebNumericEditor1” class=“igte_Edit” type=“text” style=“ime-mode:disabled;text-align:right;” />

Just looking the html for the page the element WebNumericEditor1 is read only, your not going to be able to set text if the element is captured like this. On the object captured (input_WebNumeric…) can u click on attribiutes and share a screenshot of the attributes you have captured.

Also i understand why some people dont want to have to add things after recording but sometimes you will have to unless you want to make changes to your application. Any easy fix to this would be to just set the text using JS. something like this-

WebElement element = WebUiCommonHelper.findWebElement(findTestObject('your object'), 

WebUI.executeJavaScript('arguments[0].value=\'50000\';', Arrays.asList(element))

Also maybe have a read of this - it may interest you


Thanks for the reply.
I have captured the screenshot of the attributes captured using spytool.

From the HTML output portion I can see the below set of code for the control:

<input type="hidden" id="WebNumericEditor1_clientState" name="WebNumericEditor1_clientState" /><input title="{0}" id="WebNumericEditor1" readonly="readonly" name="WebNumericEditor1" class="igte_Edit" type="text" style="ime-mode:disabled;text-align:right;" />

The text typed is getting stored into the Hidden variable before the text object.

IF we can call the setText method manually after capturing the object using the SpyTool, then the same can could be done by relaxing a rule during recording. This will bring down the manual efforts. Because I am running this recording on a huge project with many forms. And so trying to reduce the manual efforts.

I am using the below code to enter the value for the date picker.
WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/Page_eFACiLiTY - Record Request/input_Requesting Resolution ByDate Time_cus-date-picker igte_EditInContainer’),

Please let me know if there are any methods to override the readonly rule.
Is there any possibility to have any customised versions like this? If so please let me know about the cost involved.

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Hi - sorry for the late reply, i saw your response but forgot to reply.

Maybe try a WebUI.focus step before each of your set text steps.

The only resolution to the issue would be to change the way your AUT has been developed if nothing else works. Like ive said above, some things will have to be done manually unless you want to change you application but that will involve more work. Most times you can find a workaround using katalons built in keywords or JS.

Let me know if the focus step works for you or if you found another solution :slight_smile: