Unable to open project reason: NullPointerException

Created new blank project >> recorded new test for login and run it works fine>> Now trying to create sample project for: JIRA API Test with katalon studio.
Here i got a popup saying: Unable to open project reason: NullPointerException


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I have this problem too. Pls help.

Please help to provide Katalon Studio logs in this case and other information from this guide:

Please also try to use Katalon Studio 5.7 and see if the issue still remains as well :slight_smile:


I also had this problem. My coworker was using Katalon Studio 5.7 and I was using Katalon Studio 5.4. We were working on a project under source control. When he committed his changes, the project file was with this line: 5.7.0. When I tried to open the project again, I got a NullPointerException. I changed the project file to 5.4.0 and then was able to open the project. Can you make a more user friendly error message when opening incompatible projects?


BUMP (because I want to follow this)

Hi all,

This issue has been fixed from our repository :D.There has been an issue because we have uploaded a project file which is compatible with 5.7 only

So please clone it again if you still observe the issue


Hi All,
I am trying to open my projects in Katalon studion 5.4.1 actually those are created in version 5.10.1 but i am getting null pointer Exception . Please help me to open in Version 5.4.1
Note: I am not using any repository, My projects available in my local machine only.

Thanks in advance.

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