Unable to log in to Katalon Forum... getting 403 Forbidden error

Unable to log in to Katalon Forum… getting 403 Forbidden error. But l am able to access via Android.

Hi Nazeer Mohammed,
Are you still having the issue? Please provide more information, ex: screenshot?

I had the same problem.
Just delete the Cookies and clear the site data and it should work again.


Yes Still facing the same error.

403 Error.jpg

Same issue here, can access katalon.com only via incognito window! Getting 403…

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Same here!

Hi guys,

Please double check again. This issue has been fixed

Feel free to post any questions or feedback to make Katalon Studio better.

Works perfectly!

Thanks Alice … It seems to be fine now.

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@Alice I am unable to log into the forum or Katalon.com in general. I deleted cookies and also browsing date for katalon.com. Any one else had this issue before? My trial license expired today and I was wondering if that causes any issues. I could not get into Testops too, but once I deleted cookies, I was able to get into Testops. I am posting this reply from my Android.