Show 403 forbidden error when accessing Katalon website

I recently started getting this 403 Forbidden error on chrome and Firefox when accessing Katalon studio website. But somehow edge works okay for me.

Any suggestions how to overcome this issue?

Chrome same site issue with Katalon?
Same here. Was researching if it has to do with same site change via chrome.
Firefox works fine for me

There was definitely an issue earlier today. I couldn’t add an image to a post and got a 403 on submit - no idea what the cause was.

Eventually, it worked.

Heads up @ThanhTo.

Below I pasted three images - one appeared in the preview window but they all received a 403

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I still can’t post an image with post but the 403 error ( Logging into Forum )which was happening yesterday for me was resolved today.

On other hand there is an issue with uploading reports to TestOps is also still there.

  1. Just a test…

  1. Another…


Image 1 is a copy paste and received a 403.
Image 2 was a drag-drop and received “Something went wrong… please try again”.

Image 1 appeared. 2 did not.

@ThanhTo feel free to edit this to see the source