Unable to get value from Profile

Hello Guys,

I have a problem when I create a profile like this:

and I create a test case like this:

every time I run the test, the result is always stuck like this:

can anyone explain to me what should I do? like the browser didn’t hit the URL, even though previously I had run this test case more or less 3 times but on the 4th or 5th try, a problem appeared as I mentioned above

In the test case script, you have 2 lines of


I suppose you need only one.

Hi @kazurayam, I Still face the same issue when I delete it.

every time I run the test and execute the open browser, the url http://kickavenue.com/ didn’t show but stuck like this

like I said before, everything’s fine when the first time I create the test case and run the test case, but after the 3rd time. the problems came.

I think the problem is on the Profile, whenever I write the test case like this:

the browser can’t open the web, but if I write the test case like this:

everything looks fine, same problem with GlobalVariable.Email and GlobalVariable.Password

if I try to write the test like this:
WebUI.setText(findTestObject('LoginPage - KickAvenue/Email_txtField'), GlobalVariable.Email);

WebUI.setText(findTestObject('LoginPage - KickAvenue/Password_txtField'), GlobalVariable.Password);

Face the same issue like open browser using global variable, it’s failed to set text on object repository.

I try to delete the profile and then create new, there’s nothing happen

Sorry @kazurayam, I figure it out.

this is the problem:

when I run the test case, I choose default profile which is there’s no value on it.

Thank you, and sorry for the mess I made