Unable to execute TC from test data file for more than one test cases in test suite

Hi all,

I am trying to execute my test cases using data files. I have 10 rows in the Excel data file.

Test suite
1- Call login
2- Call create request

Issue 1: if I use data binding at test case level then, it doesn’t read data from the file, it uses default values.

Issue 2: if using data binding at test suite level for both the test cases, it execute first test case 10 times and then start another test cases 10 times as shown below:
First test Case
1-Test Data row#1 execute login
2-Test Data row#2 execute login

10 Test Data row#10 execute login

Second Test Case
1-Test Data row#1 create request
2-Test Data row#2 create request

10 Test Data row#10 create request

how to achieve test execution in the following way:
1- Test Data row#1 execute login and create request
2- Test Data row#2 execute login and create request

10- Test Data row#10 execute login and create request

I appreciate early response.

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Thank you for letting us know your concern. Can anyone with experience help with this case?