Unable to create a test case (mobile application testing)

Hello all,

I am new to the forum and community. Since I am planning to setup few test cases regarding mobile application testing (Operating system = Windows Mobile: Android).

However, using katalon studio, after connecting the mobile device with machine (laptop), when tap on “Start” button to save mobile recording, an unusual error message is displayed on screen as below:

“Could not find aapt.exe…”

Attached is the screenshot for reference.

(Note: I have already insalled “node.js” “appium”, “android studio” etc for mobile recording to work properly)

Thanks in advance,
Anas Jamil

so Do you have the Android SDK installed?

yes, android SDK is installed.

yes, I have Android SDK installed on my machine

Hi Anas,

Do you know where the tool, aapt.exe is installed on your machine? It looks from the error like it’s trying to find it in a subdirectory of C:\Users\Anas\.katalon\tools\android_sdk. If it’s not located in there, you might want to consider installing and reinstalling in that location or creating a shortcut that Katalon can find.

Hope this helps,

– Chris