Could not find aapt.exe

How to fix this?


I can fix it now. Thank you.

Any update on above fix?

Thanakorn Sriwichai said:

I can fix it now. Thank you.

How you fix it this error?, can you share to me?
because i have same problem if i want to launch apps in katalon.

I am also getting the same issue. Can some one please clearly explain with the steps.
thanks in advance.


aapt.exe is the Android Asset Packaging Tool and is part of the Android SDK. Can you confirm that you have aapt.exe somewhere on your machine? In the original post, there are specific directories that the script is looking in to find it. You might want to try reinstalling the Android SDK and/or Android Studio.

Hope this helps,


Hello Chris,
Thanks for your valuable time on this. I have reinstalled the Android SDK , But still i am not seeing aapt.exe file anywhere in my machine.

Hi Sudharsan,

I was reading some posts that aapt.exe may be named aapt2.exe for some SDKs. Could you check to see if that file exists on your system? You should be able to find it in:


If it does exist, you might be able to create a shortcut named “aapt.exe” to that file.

Uhuuu, Thanks a lot Chris.
Finally it has worked and successfully completed the setup then started my app.
Really appreciated your help.

I fixed by copy android_sdk from this path “C:\Users\name\.katalon\tools” to this path “C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\.katalon\tools\android_sdk”