Unable to connect to SQL server using secondary AD credentials

  1. Login to Windows using PRIMARY AD account

  2. Select Katalon shortcut, followed by shift-right-click and select “Run as different user”

  3. Select SECONDARY AD Account to launch Katalon

  4. Under project > settings > database, enter the credentials of the SECONDARY AD account

Login fails for this user when testing the db connection

When attempting the equivalent steps in SQL Server Management Studio, the connection works fine.

Can someone explain why this is not working.

What is the significance of the different logins? Can you test it simple way first? What have you got for the db config?

The connection works when using the primary AD account and including the integratedSecurity=true setting in the connection string.

Our company uses a “service” account for our API tests, which is an AD account (vs SQL server account), separate from our regular windows AD account.

Have you done all the config steps first? Eg https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/connect-to-sql-using-windows-authentication.html

yes, the necessary dll has been copied as per the link you provided

I tried again after re-launching Katalon - it is now working.


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