Unable to connect sql server database

I followed every step in the following mentioned here https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/connect-to-sql-using-windows-authentication.html but still not able to connect.

I installed on my machine :

  • java jdk 14
  • sql server 2017

Here a screenshot of the error

@kazurayam I think you have an answer :smiley:

You wrote


but the dialog displays it wants


Mind the IP port.

so it was just to test if it will accept another port but also 1433 not working

Is the database process up and running? It might be down, isn’t it?

Though I do not know MS SQL Server at all.

yes , I’m checking if there’s something wrong in sql configuration

Which IP port the DB process is listening to?

Apart from Katalon, you can check connectivity to SQL Server using telnet in commandline.


Looks similar to the following issue: